Anouk & Tino Martin: special collaboration

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Anouk Insta

An unexpected merger between two artists. Anouk has made a single together with Tino Martin. The singer actually no longer wanted to make Dutch-language songs, but is open to doing so with a “good song”.

The song and the collaboration with the folk singer are “very different,” Anouk admits in the YouTube series Review Demos. “He sent me a song and I thought: that’s a really good song.”

“I also thought it was a nice combination: a kind of transphobic bastard (feminist who does not accept trans women as real women, ed.) with a serious alcoholic,” the singer says laughing about the collaboration for the song Before you know it. “That should start splashing.”

The 48-year-old singer recently came under controversy when she wrote on an Instagram photo of her menstrual blood: “Cutting off your pee does not make you a woman. But this is.” The message is said to be hateful towards transgender women. Martin spoke about his drinking for the first time last summer after he regularly appeared on stage intoxicated.

Tino Martin This Is The Life Song (cover)

Anouk admits in the podcast that a few aspects of Before You Know It “weren’t quite there yet”. “The text ‘Before you know it’ came almost before every sentence. Before you know it, that song comes out of my nose, so I had to change that.” The singer is happy that she was able to put “some finishing touches” lyrically. “Of course I have to get it out of my mouth.”

The artist does not yet want to say when the single will be released. “We will see.”

Source: / photo Anouk: Instagram

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