Another tire puncture arrested; almost 100 declarations received

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Rotterdam, Schiedam, The Hague – He probably punctured tires in Rotterdam IJsselmonde, the Oude Noorden, Schiedam and The Hague. From September ’23 to mid-January ’24 he kept the police busy vandalizing cars by puncturing their tires. After a police investigation in which witness statements played a role, a suspect was arrested on January 10, 2024.

Puncture areas in view
The man is suspected of having started puncturing car tires in the Groot IJsselmonde district of Rotterdam South on September 16. One or more tires of the 37 vehicles were punctured. We received eight reports of vandalism. Fortunately, because this way we could continue. The destruction stopped in South Rotterdam at the end of October, but destruction took place in Schiedam from the beginning of October. One or more tires of 28 cars were targeted. Of these, 18 reports of vandalism were received. The suspect then probably moved his puncture area to Bergpolderstraat and Vlaggemanstraat in the Oude Noorden and to The Hague. In the Hofstad, 32 vehicles were destroyed in one week at the end of November by stabbing their wheels. This resulted in eight reports of vandalism.

In the Old North it was a total hit; he probably made his move there in the period from November 21, 2023 to January 10 this year. The reports of vandalism poured in: more than 30 in total.

Declare; It works!
The research is still ongoing in the “Old North” and the different areas have already exchanged important information. Ultimately, through investigation and with the help of witnesses, the man was apprehended. Partly thanks to the victims who filed reports, we were able to conduct the investigation and arrest the suspect. We would like to call on the people in the “Old North” who have been victims of this tire puncture, but have not yet reported the crime, to do so. This can easily be done online and without an appointment. There may also be camera images of these people that could help with this extensive case. We therefore ask these people, if present, to indicate in their report whether camera images are available.

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