Another raid on Suriname drug trafficker Piet W.

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The Surinamese police raided various locations in North Paramaribo this week. That happened on Wednesday at a home of the previously arrested convicted cocaine dealer Piet W. (54) in the Netherlands.

Waterkant writes that heavily armed units had cordoned off the roads around W.’s house. On Tuesday, two addresses of suspects who are directly linked to W. were raided. According to local residents, these are ‘acquaintances in Surinamese society’.

Money laundering case

Piet W. was arrested at the end of March on suspicion of laundering millions of euros in 2018. At the beginning of April, the court in Rotterdam decided that he must remain detained for at least three months longer.

Two liquidations

W. is also suspected of involvement in the liquidation of former professional footballer Kelvin Maynard (32), who was shot dead on September 18, 2019 in Amsterdam Southeast. According to the Public Prosecution Service, he also ordered the liquidation of 23-year-old Genciël Feller in Curaçao in September 2019. He is no longer in custody for that case. The motive would be a theft of 400 kilos of cocaine in July 2019.

W. was sentenced to seven years in prison in the Netherlands in 2014 for large-scale cocaine trafficking.

Earlier raid

In May last year, the Surinamese police also raided the home of the Surinamese Dutchman. According to reports from Suriname, the street in the Mon Plaisir district in Paramaribo was then closed and the house was turned inside out by members of a special investigation team.

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