Another explosion at the home of the mother of a Schiedam criminal

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Another explosion at the home of the mother of a Schiedam criminal

An explosion occurred at the home of the mother of Schiedammer René F. (66), convicted of cocaine trafficking, on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Significant damage was caused to the home, but no one was injured. René F. has been involved in police investigations into serious crime for many years.


The target was a house on Burgemeester Van Haarenlaan in Schiedam, the home belongs to the mother of convicted drug criminal René F.. Last week, René F.’s home in the same street was damaged by an explosion. There was also an explosion at the beginning of December (see photo).

A parked car was also seriously damaged in the explosion.

Two suspects

The explosion took place at 11:45 PM. The perpetrators escaped in a car. Police say that two men aged 24 and 25 were arrested shortly afterwards. The suspects are a 24-year-old Rotterdam resident and a 25-year-old man from Nijmegen.

Mistaken murder

René F. has been convicted in a major investigation into large-scale imports of cocaine via the port of Rotterdam. He was then suspected of ordering the mistaken murder on New Year’s Day 2014 in Berkel en Rodenrijs. He is free for that, but still a suspect. F. was detained until the summer of last year on suspicion of involvement in the production of synthetic drugs.

Pancake house

In March 2015, F. escaped an attempt on his life near the parking lot of a pancake restaurant near Simonshaven, south of Rotterdam. The police suspected F.’s co-suspect in the major cocaine case, Henk E., and his son Jimmy R. of this attack. However, the investigation did not lead to a lawsuit.

Jimmy R., was arrested in 2019 as the alleged shooter in the murder in Berkel en Rodenrijs in 2014, which René F. is said to have ordered in 2013. In March 2023, the Public Prosecution Service closed the case against the two due to lack of evidence.

Because a new (anonymous) witness was found, the criminal case against René F. was reopened.

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