‘Another explosion at the home of murder suspect in Morocco’

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'Another explosion at the home of murder suspect in Morocco'

An explosion occurred at a house in Rotterdam in the night from Monday to Tuesday for the second time in a month. It is the Rotterdam home of Soufiane B. (29). B. is suspected in Morocco of stabbing 25-year-old Hicham to death.

(Image MediaTV)

Rembrandt Street

The target of the explosion was a house on Rembrandtstraat in North Rotterdam. The explosion happened around 1 a.m. Police say there was significant damage. The occupant of the building was present in the house at the time of the explosion, but no one was injured. The windows of several neighboring homes were also broken due to the explosion.


After the attack in early August, a police camera hung in the street aimed at the house. According to a user of X, it had just been removed.

Soufiane B. is suspected in Morocco of murdering a family member on a beach in Al-Hoceima. Together with his father, he then fled via the Spanish enclave across the Mediterranean Sea to mainland Spain. They may have subsequently gone into hiding in the Netherlands.


Two suspects were arrested shortly afterwards for the attack on the house in early August. The court’s council chamber recently decided to hold him in pre-trial detention for 90 days.

As far as is known, Morocco has not submitted a request for legal assistance to the Netherlands to arrest B..

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