Android, iPhone and WhatsApp get these new emojis

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Emojis are indispensable in messages these days, because they express emotions and provide additional meaning to text. 118 new symbols are now being released that make sending messages on WhatsApp and iMessage even easier.

On WhatsApp, almost everyone uses emojis. It quickly shows whether you find something funny or sad, or whether you fancy a hamburger or an eggplant. It makes communication easier. You’ll soon have quite a few new options.

New emojis on WhatsApp

A total of 118 new emojis are coming. Keep in mind that those 118 also contain different versions of the same symbol, only with a different skin color.

Perhaps the most striking symbols are the phoenix, a firebird that you can soon add to your messages, and a head shaking no and a yes man.

But there are also new emojis for the real kitchen princes and princesses. You can now also add a lime and brown mushroom. This might be useful if you want to send a shopping list via WhatsApp. There is also a broken chain and a number of family compositions.

In addition, there are existing emojis that have been given more options. For example, there are walking and running symbols that have been given new hairstyles. This will help you portray yourself even better when you go out.

Unicode 15.1 and Emoji 15.1 have been published by @unicodeofficially recommending 118 new emoji sequences for 2023/2024
— Emojipedia (@Emojipedia) September 12, 2023

There are also now more options to use emojis that indicate people with a physical disability. There are more symbols with a wheelchair and a cane for the blind.

This is how the symbols come to Android and iPhone

These emojis are all coming, but the question is how long you will have them on your Android or iPhone. Sometimes it takes months for companies to implement the new symbols. So you will have to be patient when you can send the phoenix to someone else via WhatsApp.

Emojis that you use on WhatsApp or iMessage must first be approved by the Unicode Consortium. This consists of tech companies that decide which symbols should actually be used. It is also possible to pitch an emoji to that agency yourself, for example if you miss something.

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