Andretti’s Formula 1 team rejected, but with a chance of participation in 2028

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Andretti's Formula 1 team rejected, but with a chance of participation in 2028

The FOM (Formula One Management) has rejected the registration led by Michael Andretti to participate in Formula 1 in 2025 or 2026. Andretti hoped to lead the eleventh team in Formula 1, and previously received the green light from the FIA, but was unable to survive the final hurdle. Andretti mainly faced a lot of resistance from the current ten teams.

In March 2023, the FIA ​​announced that four parties had registered during the registration process, hoping for a chance to participate in the premier class of motorsport. Andretti’s name, who is already active in many categories, including the IndyCar Series and Formula E, quickly stood out. On October 2, 2023, the FIA ​​announced that the team of former Formula 1 driver Michael Andretti was the only registration approved by the governing body.

Andretti sees teams struggling

Andretti thus advanced to the next round, and hoped for approval from the FOM, led by Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. The Italian quickly expressed his doubts about the added value of an eleventh team, and several team bosses also indicated that they were not looking for an extra team. For the current participants, an extra team means that the income has to be divided among more participants, and therefore that the income would drop by about nine percent.

Formula 1 said in a statement: ‘We have established in our procedure that the presence of an eleventh team in itself does not provide added value to the championship. A potential eleventh team must show that its participation and involvement will provide an advantage for the championship. The most important way a newcomer can add value is by being competitive, especially by competing for podiums and race wins. This would significantly increase fan engagement and also increase the value of the championship in the eyes of key stakeholders and revenue sources such as broadcasters and race promoters.”

Engine supplier can offer possible added value

Earlier this week, Andretti showed images of a wind tunnel model of the 2025 car, possibly after it had already received the news that it is not welcome in Formula 1 for the time being. Formula 1 also uses the collaboration with a new engine supplier as a reason. to reject Andretti for the time being. Andretti is considering a collaboration with General Motors (GM), but is not welcome until then.

“Having power unit supply with GM linked to the application from the outset would have increased its credibility, although a novice manufacturer working with a new engine supplier would also have to overcome a significant challenge,” the explanation continues. “Most attempts to establish a new manufacturer in recent decades have been unsuccessful.”

Hard conclusions

“Our assessment process has shown that the presence of an eleventh team in itself would not provide value to the championship,” the harsh assessment reads. ‘The most important way a newcomer can add value is by being competitive. We do not believe the applicant would be a competitive participant.”

‘While the Andretti name brings some recognition to Formula 1 fans, our research indicates that Formula 1 would add value to the Andretti brand, rather than the other way around. The addition of an eleventh team would place an operational burden on the race promoters, subjecting some of them to significant costs, and reduce the technical, operational and commercial space of the other participants.” This refers, among other things, to the limited space in the paddocks of various circuits, including Zandvoort, which would have difficulty accommodating an eleventh team.

Andretti can try again in 2028

If GM were to enter the sport from 2028, Andretti would have better chances, according to Formula 1. “We would otherwise look at an application for a team to participate in the 2028 championship with a GM powerplant, possibly as a GM factory team, or as a GM customer team that designs all permitted components in-house. In this case, additional factors would need to be considered regarding the value the applicant would add to the championship, particularly in relation to bringing in an independent car manufacturer.” This means that Formula 1 also indirectly seems to doubt the added value of, for example, a team like Haas.’


Is Andretti’s rejection justified?

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