Andretti does not give up on Formula 1 dream: ‘Next step taken in F1 participation’

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Andretti does not give up on Formula 1 dream: 'Next step taken in F1 participation'

Michael Andretti hoped to have a Formula 1 team by 2025, but was faced with a closed Formula 1 door after the green light from the FIA. However, the Andrettis are not giving up and are still hoping for participation in 2026. The investments are also continuing, because Andretti has now opened a new factory in Silverstone.

According to the Formula 1 organization, despite being a very big name in the United States, Andretti would not have sufficient added value for the sport, and Andretti would mainly benefit from Formula 1. A clear slap in the face for Andretti, but after the poor start to the season of bottom line Alpine, Renault would consider selling the team. That may open new doors for Andretti, if the organization of the sport has to return to the team owner with hanging legs.

Andretti proud of new factory

Andretti Global announced on its own website that the opening of the new factory is a fact. “We have taken the next step in our preparation to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship, with the opening of a new facility in Silverstone. In the presence of eighty Andretti Cadillac employees, we were honored to open this new British home for the Andretti family,” the statement read.

‘This 4,460 square meter building is a milestone for Andretti Global. It is an independent property, with opportunities to expand if the opportunity arises,” they said, pointing to a possible Formula 1 participation. ‘Until now, the Formula 1 project has been spread between Silverstone, Indiana and the GM Tech Center in North Carolina. Our preparations started some time ago by recruiting personnel and focusing on aerodynamic designs, mechanical designs, and vehicle dynamics. Although we are setting up an American factory team, a European base is the best way to attract talent into Formula 1.’

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