André Dongelmans’ collection of pumps

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In mid-January, actor André Dongelmans wore heels for the first time at a showbiz party at the film premiere of ‘Fijn Weekend’. Party has some questions about that…

Did you have to cross some kind of threshold for yourself to do that?
“I knew: things could go wrong and people would complain. You therefore think about it and ask yourself: do I feel like it today? If not, I won’t. It’s not that I think: now I want to shine, attention or I don’t know what. I just see the heels as shoes. It belongs to my collection. I have five pairs.”

What does wearing pumps bring you?
That would be the same question as ‘what does wearing sneakers bring you’ and I don’t think you ask that question. It brings me nothing but that I like it.”

As a toddler you liked to put on women’s clothes, which you took from the dress-up box at school or from your sister’s closet at home. Do you still wear women’s clothes now?

“No, but if I get a role that requires me to wear women’s clothes, I will. I now walk in a performance in a kind of long dress and I really like that. Look at ‘Game Of Thrones’, all those guys, animal knights, also wear those dresses. I love that. I also think that is a very cool style of dressing.”

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