‘An extraordinary person’ is now called a Pele in Portuguese Yesterday, 23:00 in Abroad , Football According to the initiators, Pele is the greatest footballer of all time. So his name is now used to denote magnitudes.

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The deceased Pele is commemorated
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‘Pele’ has been added as a word in the Portuguese dictionary. The word means ‘An extraordinary person’ and is now in publisher Michaelis’ dictionary.

The world-famous footballer passed away last December. After his death, a petition was started to get his name in the dictionary. After collecting more than 100,000 signatures, we have now succeeded.

According to the promoters, Pele is the greatest footballer of all time, so his name is now used to refer to greats. Examples include ‘The Pele of tennis’, ‘The Pele of surgeons’ or ‘the Pele of filmmakers’.

Pele’s family received a plaque with the entry. Michaelis’ publisher has already included ‘Pele’ in the digital edition. The definition will also be included in the next printed version of the dictionary.

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