Amsterdam school will also remain closed tomorrow due to online threat 18:08 in Binnenland The police say they do not know whether there is a serious threat.

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The primary school in Amsterdam that remains closed
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A school in Amsterdam-Zuidoost will also close its doors tomorrow due to an online threat. Today the primary school remained closed because someone allegedly threatened the school in response to a TikTok message from an employee.

It is unknown what was in the message. The school has filed a complaint. “We are shocked and have reported this to the police,” the school said in a letter held by AT5.

The police say they do not know whether there is a serious threat and are continuing to investigate. The spokesman emphasizes that the school has not been closed by order of the police.

Several schools closed

Last week, a secondary school in Zaandam also received a threat, which was made by email. The email contained photographs of a firearm. The school remained closed for a day, as did two other schools in the same district. Three underage boys from Zaandam were arrested for this. Two of them are still in custody.

Two days later, a primary school in Huizen (North Holland) also remained closed because of a “disturbing e-mail”.

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