Amsterdam police shoot when suspect is arrested after stabbing 00:43 in Binnenland That happened at Central Station. Eventually, the suspect was hit with a stun gun.

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Ambulances at the scene of the stabbing
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The Amsterdam police have fired shots during the arrest of a suspect of a stabbing. He had stabbed someone at a hotel next to Central Station. That happened around 11:15 p.m., local channel AT5 reports.

The suspect then walked towards the station. To stop him, officers used their service weapons. According to AT5, it is unclear whether these were warning shots or targeted shots.

Eventually, the suspect was hit with a stun gun, after which he could be arrested. He was not injured.

The stabbing victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. It is not yet clear whether the victim and the suspect knew each other.

During the police action, panic broke out around the station for a short time, as can be seen on images on social media. When the police fired shots, people started running and tried to find a safe haven in the station.

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