Amersfoorter arrested red-handed while dealing drugs

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Nijkerk – The police arrested a 21-year-old Amersfoorter on Tuesday, April 25, on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics. The suspect was arrested red-handed in Nijkerk.

The police had received information about the 21-year-old Amersfoorter, which led to the suspicion that he would be involved in the drug trade in Amersfoort and the surrounding area. Police investigation reinforced these suspicions, after which the suspect was arrested red-handed on Tuesday, April 25. He was active in Nijkerk at that time. Wrappers with cocaine and money were found with the suspect. A search was carried out in his home. There, agents also found hard drugs, hashish and money. The drugs found are destroyed and the amount of money totaling almost 7500 euros has been seized in connection with the suspicion of money laundering.

Subversion in the Central Netherlands

The drug trade is causing serious problems in the Central Netherlands and beyond. Think of insecurity and nuisance on the street, the recruitment of very young children, violence, liquidation and mistaken murders. The police, the Public Prosecution Service, municipalities, Customs, the Tax and Customs Administration and other parties are working together to combat undermining. We do this together because then we can act effectively with criminal law, administrative measures, supervision, prevention and other measures.

Do you see anything suspicious?

The government cannot tackle subversion alone. Do you see things that you think are wrong? Then report this to your municipality, community police officer ( or via Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800-7000. Always call 112 in an emergency.

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