Americans kidnapped after gunfight between Mexican drug gangs

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Four Americans were kidnapped in Mexico shortly after entering the country from Texas. The perpetrators are most likely members of a drug cartel. The FBI is urging Mexicans to watch out for the four. The security service is offering $ 50,000 for the tip that leads to the return of the four and the arrest of the kidnappers.

The FBI says the four crossed the Mexican border near the town of Matamoros from Brownsville, Texas, on Saturday. They drove a white van with North Carolina license plates, which made it clear that the car was from the US. Shortly after crossing the border, their car came under fire. Then they were “driven” into a car that sped away.

This tweet would show the minivan in which the Americans were. The tires are flat, the driver’s side window is shot:

According to Mexican President Obrador, they had come to Mexico to buy medicines and then got into a gunfight between two armed groups. Matamoros is the battleground of a war between two factions of a drug cartel.

The US consulate in Matamoros had warned on Friday that the situation was dangerous. The local authorities then called on the population to seek shelter.

A video is circulating on social media that would show the Americans, but whether that is correct has not been confirmed. It shows how someone is led by armed men to the bed of a pickup and pulled into it. Also, two bodies are dragged to the pickup and thrown into the back of the truck. These individuals appear to be still alive.

It all happened in broad daylight in the midst of heavy car traffic. Nobody dares to do anything.


The US ambassador to Mexico says an innocent Mexican citizen was killed in the gunfight. The American justice system is working with Mexican authorities to find the American citizens.

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