‘AlphaTauri from 2024 again with more Red Bull parts to tackle problems’

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'AlphaTauri from 2024 again with more Red Bull parts to tackle problems'

AlphaTauri will take over more parts of Red Bull Racing in 2024, The Race reports on Saturday morning based on sources around the Italian racing team. Although the sister team wanted to stand on its own two feet, it is now clear that performance is not improving. Reason to seek rapprochement with Milton Keynes again.

Last season, AlphaTauri had already become more independent from Red Bull and that was accompanied by increasingly poor performance. The development battle in midfield was also lost. Now AlphaTauri, which won another Grand Prix in 2020, has the slowest car on average. It led to strong criticism from team boss Franz Tost and internal changes in personnel.

These personnel changes are accompanied by a great synergy between AlphaTauri and Red Bull from 2024. For example, the front suspension is intended to come from Milton Keynes again, where AlphaTauri now makes it itself. With the budget ceiling, it is more expensive to buy parts than to make them yourself, although the team from Faenza already has Red Bull rear suspension at their disposal.

The fact that AlphaTauri now wants to take over the front suspension means a major change in the aerodynamic philosophy. The current suspension is the usual pushrod, while Red Bull’s is the more complex pullrod. This does not have to be a direct solution to the problems, but it can contribute to tackling the aerodynamic problems of the car more easily.

‘Better use of Red Bull wind tunnel by AlphaTauri’

There is also talk of making better use of the wind tunnel, although it is not entirely clear what this means. For example, AlphaTauri already uses Red Bull’s wind tunnel at Bedford, but has more testing time, as it finished only ninth in the 2022 Constructors’ Championship. It could mean that AlphaTauri’s car is being developed a little ‘closer to home’ under the guise of better efficiency.

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