Alonso is put in the spotlight: ‘Has a sixth sense for what’s happening around him’

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Alonso is put in the spotlight: 'Has a sixth sense for what's happening around him'

Single world champion Damon Hill suspects that the role that Fernando Alonso has played in Formula 1 in recent decades was decisive in the long-term contract that the organization of the Grand Prix in Madrid signed with Formula 1. With Alonso and Carlos Sainz, Spain has about two drivers from the top of the premier class of racing.

In his heyday, Alonso was incredibly popular on the circuit near Barcelona, ​​and the man from Oviedo regularly achieved success in his own country. For example, he won in Valencia in 2012 in a phenomenal way from outside the top ten, and a year later he won his last victory in Barcelona. Eleven years later, Alonso is still active, and Spain has a second key player in the sport with Sainz.

According to various Catalan media, the organization of the circuit in Madrid would pay more than twice as much to organize the Spanish Grand Prix than the circuit in Barcelona. According to Hill, the ten-year contract, which runs from 2026 to 2035, would also involve the two Spanish drivers. ‘There is a lot of goodwill for Fernando. He has delivered consistently, and he is such a smart driver,” Hill said.

‘He’s entertaining to listen to, and his comments are hilarious. He is always one step ahead of the rest. He has an incredible sixth sense for everything that happens around him, both politically and tactically in the races,” is the praise of the 63-year-old Sky Sports F1 analyst. “He’s also fast, so he’s very respected. I think everyone looks at him and sees in him a strong driver, who will not easily beat you.’

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However, Hill wonders whether Alonso will still be around in 2026. The Spaniard will already be 45 that year. ‘To be honest, I would be surprised if he was still racing, but you should never write him off. However, it is Formula 1,” the former world champion points out the demanding nature of Formula 1. “You should also not forget that Carlos Sainz and Carlos Sainz senior come from Madrid.”

“It’s good that we have two Spanish drivers because when I was racing we had no Spanish drivers at all, until suddenly we got Fernando Alonso. Now you have two big names in the sport,” concludes Hill. In addition to Alonso and Sainz, the reigning IndyCar champion, Álex Palou, is also a Spaniard who has not given up hope in Formula 1. Josep María Martí also has a chance as a talent for the future. The 18-year-old driver from Barcelona will make his debut in Formula 2 this year and is part of the Red Bull Junior Team.

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