Alonso gives clear signal about future in F1: ‘Don’t want to watch it from the couch’

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Alonso gives clear signal about future in F1: 'Don't want to watch it from the couch'

Fernando Alonso wants to continue in Formula 1 for some time to come. The Aston Martin driver sees a positive trend in the premier class of motorsport and he does not want to watch that from the couch. The two-time world champion honestly admits that the performance of his team is important. Alonso hopes to continue the smiles of 2023 into 2024.

Alonso returned to Formula 1 in 2021. Before that season, the two-time world champion signed for Alpine, where he ultimately left with much fanfare. The switch that the Spaniard made caused a lot of commotion. After a mediocre 2022 season, Alonso did not seem to have made a smart choice with the switch to Aston Martin. However, the beginning of last year proved the multiple race winner right.

The now 42-year-old Alonso is still happy with his choice to return to the premier class of motorsport. In his opinion, the performance of last season, in which the Aston Martin driver finished fourth in the championship, speaks for itself. “I thought my return to Formula 1 was good in terms of racing,” Alonso told DAZN. ‘It was a waste of time sitting at home. I wanted to be in Formula 1. 2023 has been a kind of vindication.”

“You can never promise results, but I do feel a good energy to keep improving together with the team,” continues the man from Oviedo. Alonso has noticed a positive trend in Formula 1. The driver is also increasingly involved in social media and that also helps to raise awareness of the sport. ‘It’s good for motorsport, because Formula 1 is gaining in popularity every year. We have more and more young people following the sport, the circuits are full, a record calendar and new countries want to join Formula 1.’

Alonso hopes to keep his smile

Alonso notes that everything in Formula 1 is like a wave movement. The Aston Martin driver would prefer to be part of that for a few more years. “I don’t want to watch it from the couch.” Still, the Spaniard hopes for a competitive Aston Martin. “I don’t know if I will keep the same smile in 2024 as I did in 2023. But what I am clear about is that the team is motivated and hungry for victories,” said Alonso.

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