Almost 42 million euros on Giro555 for earthquake victims Turkey and Syria

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Almost 42 million euros (41,926,170 euros) have been collected on Giro555 so far. This score was announced during the action day of the Cooperating Aid Organizations for earthquake victims. Early this morning the counter was still at 28.6 million euros.

Michiel Servaes of the cooperating aid organization reveals the progress of the Giro555 action for Turkey and Syria:

Giro555 standings: ‘Insane, and we’re only halfway through the day’

The national action day for the victims in Turkey and Syria started this morning in Sound & Vision in Hilversum. The starting signal was given at 5:55 am, referring to Giro555.

Earlier today, the cabinet announced that it would release an extra 10 million euros for aid to earthquake victims. This 10 million euros for Giro555 comes on top of the 10 million euros that the cabinet pledged last week for emergency aid in Syria.

The national day of action was organized by the eleven Cooperating Aid Organisations. The Sound & Vision building is the beating heart of the fundraising campaign. Radio and TV programs are made there all day long and a call panel is ready with well-known Dutch people to accept donations.

Representatives of the Turkish and Syrian communities also help:

Action day Giro555: ‘It is a disaster of unprecedented magnitude, we need a lot of money’

There are currently countless small and large initiatives in the Netherlands to raise money. Schools, among others, have organized activities and many companies have campaigns.

From 8.30 pm there will be a live broadcast on NPO 1 from NPO, RTL and Talpa. The announcement of the provisional final score can be seen at the end of the day on NPO 1, RTL 4 and SBS6.

It is now nine days since Turkey and Syria were hit by strong earthquakes. The death toll has risen to more than 41,000. Yet several people are still alive from under the rubble.

Today, Dutch rescue dog teams announced that they had found four living earthquake victims under the rubble in Turkey.

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