All 460 dogs from a controversial Brabant breeder have a safe home

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Hundreds of dogs were seized in multiple raids

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All dogs seized last month from the ‘horror breeder’ in Eersel in Brabant have a safe home. In total, 460 animals were seized in several raids. The dogs have been placed in shelters across the country, such as a shelter.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) tells Omroep Brabant that it was a huge job to relocate the animals: “In addition to dental and coat problems, some dogs also have behavioral disorders, such as kennel syndrome.” Many animals were therefore very anxious. In addition, some dogs turned out to be pregnant.

In November last year it was announced that the breeder had to close its doors after earlier inspections found polluted pens and drinking water. According to the NVWA, many animals suffered from mange and tartar.

Watch the footage from the raid earlier in January here:

Raid at dog breeder Eersel
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