Ajax report against racist Twente fan: ‘Brobbey was very upset’

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Just like last season, there was another racist incident after the FC Twente-Ajax match (3-1). A Twente supporter shouted insulting texts at Ajax striker Brian Brobbey.

That happened at the Ajax player bus, which was preparing to return to Amsterdam. Twente reports that Ajax will report the supporter. His identity is known, he will immediately receive a stadium ban.

Brian Brobbey at the Ajax team bus, prior to the match against Twente

Arnold Bruggink, the technical director of FC Twente, entered the Ajax team bus after the incident to apologize. “We think it’s terrible that this happened after the match, this does not suit FC Twente,” reports the club from Enschede.

Last season

The same thing happened about four months ago. After Twente’s home win over Ajax in the 34th round, Brobbey was racially abused at the team bus. Steven Berghuis went to get a story and dealt a blow.

That earned him a three-match suspension. Today Berghuis played his first match again after his suspension.

Following that incident, Twente had taken extra measures. “There were more crowd barriers than normal today,” says RTV Oost reporter Tijmen van Wissing at Radio Langs de Lijn.

Van Wissing was standing in the corridor of the stadium that leads to the players’ bus when the incident took place. “There was immediately a lot of consternation. Brobbey was very upset. He was immediately escorted onto the bus to prevent incidents like last year.”

“Stewards immediately intervened and were able to identify the suspected perpetrator,” says Van Wissing. “There was a very depressed mood. Ajax was already dropping out after a failed afternoon and Twente was embarrassed. They could no longer enjoy the victory.”

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