Airbus is concerned about the state of its aircraft in Russia

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Russian airlines can no longer maintain maintenance schedules

Due to the war in the Ukraine, Western companies have been banned from trading with Russia for almost a year. Many companies have already withdrawn from the country. This also applies to the maintenance of Western products, such as Airbus aircraft. However, that aircraft manufacturer is now concerned about the consequences of the sanctions on aviation safety in Russia, where local airlines are still flying – and even more than ever – with Airbus aircraft purchased in the past.

Airbus is no longer allowed to deliver

What’s the case? Due to the sanctions, parts for repair and maintenance of Airbus aircraft in Russia are becoming increasingly scarce. After all, the manufacturer is no longer allowed to do business with its Russian customers. The local airlines therefore come up with creative, but sometimes also risky, solutions to keep the aircraft in the air as much as possible.

For example, aircraft that are grounded and have not yet entered service are increasingly being used as donors for the repair of other Airbus aircraft. As far as possible, of course. Aeroflot, the national Russian airline, is currently “harvesting” spare parts for its Airbus A350 fleet from a new A350 not yet in service.

Less maintenance to fly longer

However, Airbus also sees a more worrying development. Russian airlines also want to increase the deployability of Airbus aircraft less maintenance to be carried out. Strict maintenance schedules and intervals are established for aircraft that every airline must adhere to. In Russia, this is now becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of parts and support because, as said, Airbus is no longer allowed to do anything.

The solution to therefore perform less maintenance is according to Airbus not wise. Of course you don’t have to be an aircraft technician to think that Airbus has a point there. Skipping a service on a car can at most lead to an oil light that comes on or, in the worst case, that your car stops. On an airplane, a burning oil lamp may not immediately be a disastrous problem, but a breakdown due to lack of, or inadequate, maintenance is of course something you don’t want to happen.

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