Air strikes in Khartoum, ceasefire seems far away Yesterday, 21:13 in Abroad According to a Reuters reporter, parts of the capital and neighboring cities of Bahri and Ondurman were targeted.

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People board a bus during an evacuation of southern Khartoum
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The Sudanese capital Khartoum and neighboring towns are under fire and were the target of airstrikes today. This is reported by Reuters news agency. As a result, an end to the violence still seems a long way off.

In addition to the Sudanese capital, neighboring cities of Bahri and Ondurman were also targeted by shelling and air strikes. These cities, along with the western province of Darfur, have been the main battleground since the army and paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces began fighting in mid-April.

The unrest has since killed at least 676 people and injured 5,576, the United Nations said today. Because many people are missing and there are still bodies on the street, the actual number of victims is expected to be higher.

RSF denies responsibility

The war exacerbates the country’s humanitarian crisis. The number of people displaced within the country as a result of the violence in Sudan stands at more than 700,000, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) previously reported. In addition, another 200,000 Sudanese have fled the country.

Violence is also reportedly escalating in Geneina, the capital of West Darfur. The death toll on Friday and Saturday rose to more than 100. One of the victims is the imam of the city’s old mosque, the Darfur Bar Association said in a statement available to Reuters.

A local human rights organization blames the killings, looting and arson in Geneina on attacks by armed gangs on motorcycles and the RSF. The RSF has denied responsibility for the unrest.

Factory burnt down

It has already been agreed several times between the parties to lay down their arms, but this always turns out to be short-lived. On Saturday, exploratory talks began in the Saudi city of Jeddah between representatives of the warring factions, where the United States and Saudi Arabia are mediating.

On Friday, the parties reached a preliminary agreement to protect civilians and secure access for humanitarian aid. But while enforcing that deal was supposed to be discussed today, the fighting hasn’t stopped.

In addition, looting and destruction have consequences for the delivery of relief supplies. Last week, a factory that supplied 60 percent of the food used by the United Nations to treat children suffering from severe malnutrition burned down.

The fire destroyed supplies to treat some 14,500 children, as well as the plant’s machinery, UNICEF said.

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