‘AI will drastically change society’

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This week the new language model GPT-4 was launched. This new version not only responds to text, but also to images. Revolutionary, users call the upgrade. Now that developments are accelerating, the question arises whether society is actually ready for this technology. ‘The dangers are often only considered when it is too late,’ warns tech entrepreneur Sanne Kanis.

Now that developments in the field of AI are accelerating, the question arises whether society is actually ready for this technology. (ANP / Sandra Uittenbogaart)

The technological progress in the field of AI is moving very fast. Meta also focuses on the language model. According to Kanis, this could be the start of an AI war. However, that is not her main concern, rather she is concerned about the ethical aspects associated with the launch of AI technology. ‘You can see that the debate is not about that at all,’ she says. In her view, appointing a committee to examine this issue would not be a bad idea.

The dangers of technological developments are often looked at too late, she says. You saw that on Facebook too. No one could have imagined that the platform would be used to manipulate elections.’ The effect is therefore difficult to predict, she believes. ‘It could just become a breeding ground for the stupid right.’


But rapid technological progress also offers advantages, says tech expert Ben Hubert. In this way, artificial intelligence can remedy the shortage on the labor market, he thinks. ‘In time, for example, jobs in customer service will disappear. Those people can be retrained and deployed elsewhere.’ That revolution must be closely monitored, he says. You can’t fire people randomly. This is mainly about transparency.’ Whether the government will act in time, however, remains to be seen, Kanis thinks. ‘It will take years before this issue lands on the agenda in Brussels.’

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