AI file: These ethical questions and fears play out around artificial intelligence

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In this dossier we dive deeper into artificial intelligence. We have already described how you can see AI as something very positive that can even help you in your work, but there are also reasons to be a little cautious. There are several ethical issues that come with AI. For example, you may have heard of the artists who are not okay with art generator Dall-E using their knowledge to do ‘their’ work. But, there are more ethical questions at play.

Who is responsible?

Artificial intelligence can make its own decisions and if you ask AI itself, it will say that the AI ​​doesn’t think it’s a good idea. It’s a cliché, but think of iRobot: what if artificial intelligence becomes much smarter than us, but also more autonomous? Will it be used against us later? There is also a question of responsibility on a smaller scale. If ChatGPT makes a mistake that causes you to make a choice that, for example, causes you to become deathly ill, can you hold ChatGPT creator OpenAI responsible?

Is AI safe?

AI involves sending a lot of data and how do you keep it safe? Can malicious parties not gain access to it? ChatGPT has already had its first data breach, so we know that we also need to pay attention to data security in artificial intelligence. That is the case with all IT matters, so AI is no different.

Is AI objective?

Amazon has already proven it: AI can ensure that fewer women get a job at the company, because it learns from the fact that it has already hired good men a number of times. Now that is ultimately a bit more complicated, but that is the story in short. How do we ensure that AI is not biased?

There are many more questions at play. So the question is: can you abuse AI, do robots also have rights? If AI makes money, who is it for? Who gets to make decisions about the power of artificial intelligence? The more you think about it, the more you realize there is no one answer. There are various discussions to be had and they are being held. The only question is whether we are not waiting too long for the answers to some questions: should the government not have more control over artificial intelligence? Can we still go back once it goes too far?

There’s an exciting time ahead in that regard, so take some time to make up your own mind about this topic. Read up, think about how you feel about those questions and talk about it with others. It is sometimes very surprising how far one person thinks AI can go, compared to another. Have fun!

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