Agricultural agreement still far away, ‘don’t pin me down to a date’

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Despite the fact that LTO chairman Sjaak van der Tak insists on a final proposal before June 21, Agriculture Minister Piet Adema does not want to say anything about the progress of the negotiations on the agricultural agreement. Political reporter Mats Akkerman says: ‘It may take some time before an agricultural agreement is reached without a deadline.’

Agriculture minister Piet Adema does not want to say anything about the state of the negotiations for the agricultural agreement for the time being. While LTO chairman Sjaak van der Tak said yesterday at Op 1 that there really should be a final proposal before June 21. (ANP / ANP)

Last week, after a night of negotiations, it turned out that there was only an interim agreement, which will be negotiated further in June. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency will present a calculation on 21 June, which is why the LTO would like to see an agreement before that date. Adema, however, keeps his leg stiff. “I have not set a deadline for June 21.” According to Adema, this is a ‘good quality agreement with prospects for the farmers, but also for nature, nitrogen and water’.

Don’t pin me down to a date

Piet Adema, Minister of Agriculture

According to Adema, steps are still being taken at the discussion table. “We’ll continue with that, don’t pin me down to a date.” The House of Representatives is not happy about this and feels sidelined, according to Akkerman. ‘It has already been called a meeting circus in the House of Representatives because it takes so long. They also want to hear from Adema what they agree on during the negotiations.’


The left-wing parties had given a five-hour deadline for the Agriculture Minister today. ‘Otherwise those parties thought that the cabinet should start making laws itself,’ says Akkerman. After the vote, there was no majority before the deadline from the left parties.

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