Aggressive lion has to return to France after fatal fight in Emmen After just one month, a lioness was killed in a fight.

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Lion Jafar in his time at Wildlands

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Wildlands Zoo in Emmen has sent lion Jafar (12) back to France. He had only been in Emmen since last summer, but was not well with the lionesses in Wildlands from the start, reports RTV Drenthe.

One of the many brawls that ensued cost the life of lioness Tia. Since that time, the zoo kept the male lion separate from the rest of the lions.

Risk of recurrence

“We don’t want to run the risk of a recurrence,” director Erik van Engelen said in September. “It doesn’t work out and we are therefore looking at another place for Jafar.”

Wildlands initiated proceedings to return Jafar to France. And yesterday it was so far. A vet anesthetized the lion. After health checks, he was placed in a transport box and taken away.

The zoo says that the transport from Emmen went smoothly and that the lion has arrived safely in France. Wildlands goes in search of a male lion again.

  • New lion kills lioness in fight at Emmen zoo
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