Aggravated assault in criminal investigation programs

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The Hague, Voorburg – In the investigation programs Team West and Opsporing Verzocht, images of a serious assault on a 71-year-old man in a tram in The Hague. Team West also draws attention to another assault on two conductors at the tram stop on Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan in Voorburg. In addition, images are shown of a PIN who may be involved in bank helpdesk fraud.

Serious assault – Loevesteinlaan – The Hague

In both Opsporing Verzocht and Team West, the police draw attention to a serious assault and threat against a 71-year-old man. This happened on Saturday, August 26 in tram 9 at Loevesteinlaan in The Hague. That afternoon around 2:30 p.m., the victim got on at the Wouwermanstraat stop after doing some shopping at The Hague Market. The tram drove in the direction of Vrederust. Earlier at the Bierkade stop, two boys boarded this tram. After getting in, the victim sat down opposite the two young men. The three started talking to each other, as the gestures on the screen show that the conversation is heating up. Just before the Loevesteinlaan stop, the two boys gave the victim a hard push and hit the man in the face with their fist. At the stop, the boys ran away in the direction of the Melis Stokelaan intersection. The victim suffered a broken jaw and a broken eye socket, for which he has since undergone surgery. Due to the complications, the man still has to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, this left him with permanent injuries. In Opsporing Verzocht and Team West, camera images of the two men are shown and an interview with the victim can be seen. The investigation team is also looking for a specific person: a man who tried to appease the abuse. He was wearing a blue jacket. The police are also calling on other witnesses to come forward.

Abuse – Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan – Voorburg

Earlier this year, on Wednesday April 19 around 2:55 p.m., another threat and assault took place in Voorburg. An HTM conductor was working with a colleague on tram line 2 that headed towards Kraayenstein. At the Monseigneur Steenlaan tram stop in Voorburg, the two conductors wanted to get off, but while doing so they bumped into an unknown man. This man immediately started threatening the two conductors. At the next tram stop, Bruijnings Ingenhoeslaan, the two conductors and the unknown man got off the tram. The two conductors stopped at the stop. They had to wait for the next tram. Apparently the unknown attacker had informed another man. This man arrived on a black scooter (Vespa). The two men immediately walked towards the conductors and the conductor, who had previously been threatened, was punched in the face at that moment. The victim tried to protect his face, but was hit so hard that both the victim and one of the suspects fell onto the tracks. While the two were lying on the track, the second suspect lashed out at the other conductor. After the alarm was raised, the two men ran off. Team West shows photos of one of the two suspects.

Bank helpdesk fraud – Apeldoornselaan – The Hague

A resident of The Hague has become the victim of bank helpdesk fraud. This happened on Friday September 1. A so-called bank employee called the victim about a ‘problem with her account.’ This so-called employee managed to convince the victim that her bank cards needed to be examined. Shortly afterwards, a boy appeared at the victim’s door to collect the passes. Money was then withdrawn from an ATM on Apeldoornselaan in The Hague. Later the payment was made at an ATM in Rotterdam. Camera images of the pinner are shown in Team West.

Opsporing Verzocht is broadcast at 8:30 PM on NPO 2. On Wednesdays the program will be repeated around 1:30 PM via NPO 2. The broadcast can also be seen on NPO start.

Team West: broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated several more times.

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