Age no problem for Alonso: ‘Can even race until fiftieth with the right motivation’

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Age no problem for Alonso: 'Can even race until fiftieth with the right motivation'

Fernando Alonso thinks that it may be possible for a driver to still be on the Formula 1 grid at the age of fifty. The physical condition of the now 42-year-old Spaniard is better than expected and he therefore thinks he can last a few more years. Alonso does not yet dare to say whether he will actually do this. The Aston Martin driver explains why.

In 2023, Alonso proved he can still compete with the best. The two-time world champion finished in fourth place in the final rankings and was even on the podium eight times. He thus proved that his age certainly does not have to be a disadvantage. Yet the question constantly arises: how long will it continue? ‘A few years ago I thought maybe 41 or 42 was the limit. Now, after performing well last year, I think maybe I can continue racing for a few more years,” Alonso told

The Spanish driver bases his belief on a number of tests he did this winter. ‘This winter I exceeded my expectations a little when it came to the physical tests. “I think you can maybe keep racing until you’re 48 or 49, or even until you’re 50, as long as you’re motivated and want to go for it,” Alonso said.

Different approach in 2024

Just because he thinks it is possible does not mean he will actually do it. Alonso realizes all too well what the consequences are. ‘You have to give up many things in life. Formula 1 requires absolute dedication and I have dedicated so many years to this sport in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with it. I can go on for a few more years,” he is certain.

“But I don’t know if I will race until I’m 50, with such a demanding calendar,” the Spaniard continues. ‘Not because of the skills, but because there are other things in life that I am curious about.’ In 2024, Alonso will look carefully at how he can limit the burden of traveling as much as possible. ‘I want to travel more efficiently. We need to spend time in the right places. In Japan, Australia and China I will try to combat jet lag in a different way by not flying to the country in question too early because you will then be away from home longer,” Alonso explains the first part of his plan.

In addition, the two-time world champion also wants to pay close attention to his diet. ‘I brought a nutritionist to the team. This has had a number of consequences. The bottom line is that I feel fitter than ever,” concludes a still motivated Alonso.

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