‘After the clock, glasses are also popular among criminals’

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'After the clock, glasses are also popular among criminals'

Very expensive sunglasses have become a status symbol for rappers, football players and criminals, among others. According to Algemeen Dagblad, the suspect of robbing and stabbing Jimmy Schepers to death on a festival site had two Cartier glasses at home.

Years away

“Years away for Cartier glasses,” an acquaintance of Derzik H. wrote about him in a chat group.

Cartier glasses cost between 1200 and 1300 euros new, but pimped with special glasses and diamonds they can cost many times that amount. The characteristic glasses are popular among rappers, football players and criminals.

Ram raids

Various police investigations have shown that, for example, expensive sunglasses are a popular loot during ram raids. Opticians have been repeatedly targeted, including in Rotterdam and Lisse.

Opticians are therefore now taking extra safety measures and the trade organization has regular consultations with the National Police.

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