Adema on agricultural agreement: ‘I think it’s still possible’

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In an interview with BNR Nieuwsradio, Minister of Agriculture Piet Adema says that the talks have not stalled, as was reported during the day. ‘But if we don’t come to an agreement – which I don’t assume – the government will come up with a position itself.’

The talks about the agricultural agreement have not collapsed and they are not deadlocked either. That says agriculture minister Adema. He says he does not recognize himself in the coverage of the course of the day, which was suggested above.

‘In the coming period we will hold in-depth discussions in smaller committees,’ said the minister, ‘to see where the bottlenecks still lie and how we can come up with solutions.’

“It should be clear by mid-May whether the agreement will be reached.” (ANP / ANP)

Parties may drop out

The minister hopes to have this ready by mid-May. ‘By then it should be clear whether the agreement will be reached.’ The ultimate goal of such a broad agricultural agreement is to clarify the long-term transition of the rural area.

Adema says he wants the widest possible support for the agricultural agreement, but at the same time he admits that parties may drop out. Farmers’ action group Agractie, among others, left the consultations at the end of March.

‘I don’t know if we can keep all parties on board,’ says Adema, ‘certainly not in the phase in which we have to make sharp choices. But the real commitment is that we have a very broad base of support.’

A few weeks longer is okay

“We are talking about very big things,” said the minister of agriculture. ‘This is about agriculture in 2040 and it will affect all farmers. It must be done carefully and there must be support.’ That is why the minister says he will not mind if the process takes a few weeks longer.

Moreover, there is confidence at the table to have the conversation,’ he repeats. ‘The differences are big and the discussions are tough, but I’m confident that we will work it out. I think it’s still possible.

But if the consultations on an agricultural agreement fail – which Adema says he does not assume – he says that the cabinet will come up with a position itself.

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