Adema: Enough time for a nitrogen approach

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According to Minister Adema of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the provinces still have enough time for the nitrogen plans. They must have an ‘area-oriented approach’ for the nitrogen crisis by 1 July. But the agricultural agreement has not yet been finalized and there is still no clear plan to tackle the peak loaders. Today the House of Representatives is debating the National Rural Area Program with the Minister. “We expect fireworks.”

According to political reporter Sophie van Leeuwen, a difficult debate awaits Adema. “This is going to be a huge spectacle.” The opposition is angry, and according to Van Leeuwen, the growing annoyance about the cabinet’s slowness can also be felt in the provinces.

According to Minister Adema, the provinces still have enough time for the nitrogen plans. They must have an ‘area-oriented approach’ by 1 July. (ANP / Fotopersburo Dijkstra bv)

The debate on the National Program Rural Area is expected to last all day. ‘Expect fireworks towards Adema and also towards Minister van de Wal, who is there for nitrogen and of course nature,’ says Van Leeuwen.

‘The provinces are also losing patience.’

Sophie van Leeuwen, political reporter BNR

For example, it is unclear on what basis the deadline was set. In addition, there are still elections for the Provincial Council on 15 March. ‘The deadline is approaching very quickly, says Van Leeuwen. “It’s barely four months.” Piet Adema hopes that the agricultural agreement will be finalized in April. “But even then it’s pretty tight.”

slow motion

And plans are already underway to tackle nitrogen emissions. Discussions are being held about buying out farmers, improving water quality and restoring nature. ‘That area-oriented approach is already being made in the background, but they are waiting for a cabinet in slow motion,’ says Van Leeuwen.

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According to Adema, however, there is enough time, he tells BNR. The minister also understands that there is a need to hurry. ‘But we also have to go through a careful process. We are sitting around the table with fifty parties.’ According to Adema, it should be possible to finalize the agricultural agreement in April.

“If we manage to do that, it will be a major achievement. The provinces must submit the area plans in July, so that they can then also include the results of the agricultural agreement in their area plans,’ said the minister. ‘Do not you worry.’ But that is no longer believed in the House of Representatives.

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