Actor Hugh Grant says The Sun newspaper broke into his house 00:23 in Culture & Media The actor was in court yesterday in the case he has brought against News Group, the company that includes The Sun.

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According to actor Hugh Grant, the British tabloid The Sun broke into his house and placed a transmitter on his car to follow him. The actor was in court yesterday in the case he brought against News Group, the company that owns The Sun.

The burglary took place in 2011 at the actor’s flat in London. According to the actor, the door hinges were removed to open the door, but nothing was stolen. The next day, however, The Sun published an extensive description of the interior of his flat.

It was also alleged that a domestic dispute had taken place in the home. News Group, the media company of Australian Rupert Murdoch, denies the allegations of the break-in, says The Guardian.

Hacked phones

News Group has previously settled more than a thousand cases in which it may have hacked into the phones or listened to voicemails of celebrities and members of the British royal family, among others. Former News of the World royalty reporter Clive Goodman admitted in 2014 that he had hacked into the phones of William, Harry and Kate, and Grant was also named as a possible victim.

Grant and Prince Harry still want compensation. Their cases were heard this week. According to News Group, the court should not rule on these cases because they would already be time-barred.


Grant also shared how The Sun managed to uncover details about his first child. The girl’s mother was hospitalized under an assumed name, but the newspaper managed to provide information. According to the actor, it was probably obtained by bribing people.

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