Active production site of synthetic drugs found

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Weert – An active production site for synthetic drugs was found on Monday evening in a warehouse near a house on Ittervoorterweg. Two people were arrested at the scene.

Specialists from the National Facility Dismantling (LFO) will arrive on site on Monday evening to conduct further investigation. At this time, no more information is known about the drug lab. The area surrounding the building on Ittervoorterweg has been cordoned off for safety and investigation purposes.

A storage location for synthetic drugs poses very serious dangers. For example, chemicals can ignite or explode and toxic substances can escape. The consequences of such an explosion or fire are often incalculable.

Not only the production of synthetic drugs, but also the storage of the necessary chemicals is life-threatening. In addition, the waste materials are usually dumped in nature. That is dangerous for people, animals and the environment. The dumped substances are often highly flammable, corrosive or toxic. The chemicals can also leach into groundwater, leading to water pollution.

Reporting helps!
Do you suspect there is a production location in your area? Consider, for example, a strong chemical smell or suspicious activities in strange places and times. Then report it to the police. This can also be done anonymously via 0800-7000 (Report Crime Anonymous). You can find everything about the signs and dangers of a drug lab in your area on this special police theme page.

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