Action against ‘clan crime’: raids and arrests in Duisburg

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Action against 'clan crime': raids and arrests in Duisburg

German police raided 23 locations in Duisburg on Saturday night during an operation into so-called ‘clan crime’. According to the mayor of Duisburg, the raids took place during a raid against the ‘increasing conflicts in the rocker and clan environment’. Several motorcycle gangs and clans of Kurdish-Lebanese descent are active in Duisburg.

Barbershops and shisha lounges

WDR writes that the police, customs, the Public Prosecution Service and the Tax Authorities raided a total of 23 business premises in various districts of Duisburg. They searched premises such as gambling offices, barbershops and shisha bars. The authorities were looking, among other things, for drugs and money earned from criminal activities.


The police arrested a total of ten suspects. An arrest warrant had already been issued for eight other people for the operation. Last week there was already a smaller operation in Duisburg, which would have served as a distraction. “Due to the increasing conflicts in the rocker and clan environment, a consistent approach is necessary,” the police quoted the mayor of Duisburg.


In Berlin, Bremen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf and Essen, among others, there are many thousands of ‘clan members’ from the Kurdish-Lebanese environment who are active in organized crime, such as drug trafficking, money laundering and prostitution. A war raged in Duisburg for years between the motorcycle clubs Hells Angels, Bandidos and the Dutch branch of Satudarah. It started in 2009 when a Bandidos member was shot by a Hells Angel.

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