Abuse of elderly cyclist in Leiden in Team West

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Abuse of elderly cyclist in Leiden in Team West

Region The Hague – Tonight in the investigation program Team West we draw attention to the abuse of an elderly cyclist in Leiden, a fatal accident in Noordwijkerhout and fraud in Voorburg and Leidschendam.

Abuse of elderly cyclist in Leiden

On Saturday afternoon, December 24, around 12:15 p.m., an 83-year-old man was pushed off his bicycle very hard by an unknown man. The victim comes with his bicycle from the parking garage of the Dirk on the Langegracht in Leiden. Another cyclist comes from the right, this one is riding against the bicycle traffic in the wrong direction. The victim is shocked and speaks to him. The cyclist apparently does not like this and he gives the 83-year-old man a hard push, causing him to fall to the ground. The victim remains helpless and his attacker cycles away in the direction of the Lammermarkt. Fortunately, bystanders help the victim and he is taken to the hospital. He has a wound on the back of his head and a concussion. The recovery took six weeks. In the broadcast we show photos of the suspect.

Fatal accident Leidsevaart Noordwijkerhout

On Sunday, February 19, around 2:15 a.m., a 19-year-old boy from Hillegom died on the Leidsevaart in Noordwijkerhout. The Leidsevaart is located in the Buitengebied district in Noordwijkerhout. The victim was found next to his bicycle, a women’s bicycle with side bags. He cycled from Noordwijkerhout in the direction of Lisse. After investigation, it appears that the victim died of serious head injuries. How that came about is a mystery. The investigation team has viewed camera images and is looking for the driver of a gray car, which resembles a Sedan or Volkswagen. He was driving on the Leidsevaart around the same time as the victim. To be clear: the driver of this car is not seen as a suspect but as an important witness. The research team would like to get in touch with this director. In the broadcast we show camera images of the unknown car.

Resident from Voorburg scammed

On Friday, August 19, an elderly woman from Voorburg was scammed for thousands of euros. The victim is visited at home by four scammers. Three men and one woman get her to give her jewelry and share her bank details. A few thousand euros are taken from her account. In the broadcast, we show camera footage of a woman using the victim’s bank card to withdraw money, including at the Koningin Julianaplein in Voorburg and at an ATM in The Mall of the Netherlands.

Bank help desk fraud Leidschendam

On Tuesday, December 27, a 71-year-old resident from Leidschendam fell victim to bank helpdesk fraud. A so-called bank employee calls her with the excuse that there would be a virus on her account. Shortly afterwards, a so-called bank employee comes to collect her bank card and an unknown woman withdraws money with the victim’s bank card at an ATM on Damlaan in Leidschendam.

Do you have information on any of the cases?

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Team West is broadcast every Tuesday from 5 p.m. on TV West and repeated every hour. On Wednesday, Team West will be repeated a number of times.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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