A new city in Flevoland? There is hardly any support for Eemvallei Stad 07:56 in Regional news Eemvallei Stad must have about 50,000 houses, which must provide space for at least 100,000 new Flevolanders.

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A completely new city between Almere and Zeewolde, with about 50,000 houses that should provide space for at least 100,000 new Flevolanders. The plan for Eemvallei Stad was launched about two years ago by project developers, with the aim of solving part of the housing shortage.

But is the construction of that city necessary and sensible? It is one of the themes that play a role in the elections for the Provincial Council in Flevoland.

Two project developers, a housing corporation and a construction company came up with the plan for the new city, which is to have a lot of high-rise buildings, with “large-scale nature development, innovative forms of agricultural activity and the generation of a lot of sustainable solar and wind energy”.

The city must largely be on the territory of Zeewolde. The project developers already own a lot of land there.

But the municipality of Zeewolde was not at all happy with these plans, just like the neighboring municipality of Almere and the province of Flevoland. They soon announced that they saw more in their own plans: 10,000 homes, also between Almere and Zeewolde. But then with lots of greenery and without high-rise buildings.

Without the support of the province and the municipalities, the plan for Eemvallei Stad ended up on ice.

Now – during the elections for Provincial Council – the plan for Eemvallei Stad is being discussed again and it is one of the propositions in the regional Kieskompas of Omroep Flevoland. “A new city must be built in the Eem valley next to Almere”, the voter is told.

A tour of Omroep Flevoland shows that not many provincial parties are enthusiastic about the plan. Only five parties respond positively, but they also have reservations about the feasibility of a completely new city.

Ten parties are against. They fear, among other things, further urbanization of the countryside and also understand Almere and Zeewolde, which do not want a completely new city next door.

Professor of Area Development Friso de Zeeuw is also not enthusiastic about a completely new city. “The risk is that if such a complete center is built up too quickly, it will become an atmospheric situation where people do not like to come. Taking such a risk does not seem wise to me. And it is also not necessary. “

Instead of a completely new city, De Zeeuw sees more in a large residential area with 30,000 homes on the edge of Zeewolde.

The Eem valley where the new city should be built

It is now up to the municipalities of Almere and Zeewolde to determine whether they want to change the use of the Eem valley in the future. Only when that is the case will the Provincial Executive of the province come into the picture again.

So even if there is a new board of GS that wants to go full for Eemvallei Stad, it will still have to be discussed with Zeewolde and Almere.

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