A book corner truss for your truss system!

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In the world of events and shows, rigging plays a crucial role. Rigging, the process of installing and using equipment to safely hang or support lights, sound, decorations and sometimes even performers, is an essential part of almost every event. Read all about a book corner truss here.

What is a book corner truss?

A book corner is a hinged coupling used in truss systems. It is derived from the English word ‘book’ and allows users to use truss at an odd angle. With a book corner you can create shapes that are not possible with standard trusses, making it a suitable product for decorative purposes.

How do you use a book corner?

Book corners are used to make truss systems more flexible. They cannot be loaded like standard trusses. The load on a book corner is much lower, and therefore the load must be supported on both sides of the book corner. This makes them ideal for creating unique shapes and angles in truss construction.

Benefits of a Book Corner

A book corner truss has many different advantages for rigging and your design. View the three benefits here:

Benefit 1: Extensive flexibility in design

The use of book corners in truss systems opens up a world of design possibilities that go beyond the limitations of standard trusses. These innovative components allow designers to create unique shapes and angles, no longer limited to traditional straight lines and standard angles. Book corners allow designers to achieve complex geometric structures and striking architectural forms, which are essential for creating a visually captivating and memorable event environment.

Benefit 2: Enriched decorative possibilities

Book corners are not only functional, but also offer significant decorative benefits. They are ideal for use in various settings, ranging from concerts and theater productions to fairs and exhibitions. The ability to customize and bend truss systems into unique shapes allows designers and decorators to transform spaces into artistic masterpieces. This versatility makes book corners an indispensable element for anyone who strives for an aesthetically attractive and striking event space.

Benefit 3: Increased adaptability for complex structures

The introduction of book corners into truss designs brought a new level of customizability, essential for creating creative and complex truss structures. This adaptability allows engineers and designers to work with more freedom, enabling them to provide tailor-made solutions for specific event challenges. Whether bridging unusual spaces or integrating truss systems into existing architecture, book corners provide the flexibility needed to realize innovative and functional designs.

Want to rent a Book Corner truss?

A book corner truss system is often the silent force behind the scenes at countless events and shows. These systems combine unparalleled strength, adaptability and aesthetic appeal, making them an essential element in the construction of various events. Whether you’re planning a large-scale concert, setting up a striking exhibition stand, or preparing for an impressive theater production, book corner truss systems provide the reliability and flexibility needed to turn your creative concepts into reality. At RiggingBox we are ready to support you with the perfect rigging rental options. Discover all the options on our website and find the truss system that suits your event.

In the world of events and shows, rigging plays a crucial role. Rigging, the process of installing and using equipment to produce lights, sound,…

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