97-year-old victim immediately calls after chat trick, police arrest suspect

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Amsterdam – The police arrested a 42-year-old woman on Friday, January 26, on suspicion of theft (chat trick) from a 97-year-old resident of Amsterdam-Noord.

The suspect ’emotionally’ rings the man’s doorbell, who lets her in to offer her help. At the woman’s request, he takes out his phone so she can call. But that is no longer necessary and the woman leaves. The man’s suspicions then turn out to be justified. He is missing personal belongings and immediately calls the police.

Officers quickly arrive on the scene and interview the victim. Based on the woman’s description and working method, it appears that she is officially known because she has committed thefts through chatter tricks more often than not. The officers immediately go to the woman’s possible address, where they find the suspect with her loot. The woman has been arrested.

Call the police

Because the resident called the police so quickly, the officers were able to take action immediately in this case. But even if you only find out later that you are a victim, we strongly advise you to call us. There is really no need to be ashamed, because of the devious way in which the suspects operate, they unfortunately cause many victims.

The police would like to solve and prevent this. So, are you the victim of a chatter trick and the perpetrator has disappeared? Then call the police on 0900-8844. If the perpetrator is still in the area, call 112.

Information source: Politie.nl

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