7 steps to prepare for your online business

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To prepare your online business

Is entrepreneurship in your blood and would you like to set up your own webshop? It is a dream of many, but starting up can be complicated. There are many things to consider when doing business. When you get your business running smoothly and you can generate a nice turnover, you get a lot of satisfaction from it. Would you like to set up your own webshop, but you don’t quite know where to start? Then read on.

Do market research

Market research is the first step you need to take when you want to start an online store. Once you have an idea of ​​what you want to sell, you need to know what is currently going on within your specific segment. For example, you need to get to know your competitors to determine how you will shape your company. You want to distinguish yourself from your competitors. It is also interesting to gain insight into what the market wants, what is still missing and who is in your target group. Use the business model canvas (BMC) and write a business plan.

Choose the type of online store

Once you have done market research and gained insight into how you will differentiate your company, you need to consider which type of online store suits you best. The most affordable option is dropshipping. You sell your products without having them in stock. This means you have no costs for purchasing and storing your inventory. When a customer buys your products, you place the order directly with the supplier. He then ensures that the products reach the customer. Another option is to sell through an online platform, such as eBay or Amazon. This way you don’t have to set up a website yourself. Of course you can also opt for the standard online store, which you can set up yourself. The advantage of this type of webshop is that you have everything in your own hands and can easily advertise the store via social media channels.

Come up with a company name

You then need to choose a good and appropriate name for your online store. This name must be clear and comply with all legal rules. It should also be a unique name so that you stand out from your competitors. Also check whether your name is still available in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). By carrying out a domain name check, you can immediately see whether your name is already in use or not. There are also domain name generators available online, such as those from Shopify. This way you can get some inspiration.

Register your domain name

Have you found a good domain name for your website? Then you have to register it! Do this before you register with the Chamber of Commerce, so that no one else steals your name. The domain name must have normal Dutch letters and remember not to violate the rights of other companies, such as copyrights or trademark rights.

Register with the Chamber of Commerce

Anyone who is going to sell products or services and wants to make money with them must register with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). This registration is also important for tax purposes. Registration for a sole proprietorship only costs 50 euros and can be arranged within a few days.

Build your online store

You can also build the webshop before you register with the Chamber of Commerce, but that is not necessarily necessary. The webshop must look professional and be easy to use. This way, customers get a good first impression. Create a clear menu, ensure that people can easily scroll through your texts and that links and buttons work properly. Also use beautiful photos of your products and choose a website that looks good on all devices. There are many tools and platforms, such as Website Builder Plus or WooCommerce, that allow you to easily set up and maintain an online store. Also arrange all documents, such as return policy, terms and conditions and more. Shopify also has templates for this that you can easily personalize. Then upload your logo, products and you can get started!

Good marketing makes the difference

Once you have arranged the matters regarding starting your business and the products are for sale, it is time to focus on marketing. You can significantly increase your turnover through a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Market research is used again in drawing up the marketing strategy. By figuring out who falls within your target group, you can determine which platforms would work best. Do you mainly target people under thirty? Then you will see the most results by advertising on Instagram and TikTok, for example. Are you focusing on people over thirty? Then Facebook will yield the most results. It is also wise to focus on search engine optimization (SEO), so that your website appears high in the search engine. This way, the people in the target group can find your products easily and quickly. With these 7 steps you will have an online store running in no time!

This article was produced in collaboration with WebOK

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