600 million subsidy for the purchase of used electric cars, climate plan partly known 11:07 in Politics The entire climate plan will be released this afternoon. All plans together will lead to a CO2 reduction of 22 megatons.

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An electric car is charged at a public charging station
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In the coming years, the cabinet will allocate 600 million euros to make it possible for more people to purchase a second-hand electric car. Sources confirm after reporting by RTL News that a subsidy scheme is being prepared.

Currently, electric cars are often exported abroad when they change hands, because they are also too expensive second-hand for many Dutch people.

The government is virtually in agreement on the climate plans for the coming years. There is still a cabinet meeting today and then they will be announced, together with the Spring Memorandum in which agreements are made about expenditure.

Talk until after midnight

Prime Minister Rutte and Deputy Prime Ministers Kaag (D66), Hoekstra (CDA) and Schouten (ChristenUnie) discussed plans to achieve the climate goals for 2030 until after midnight. Climate Minister Jetten and State Secretary Van Rij (Fiscal and Tax Authorities) were also present.

In the discussions about the climate plans, mobility was particularly sensitive, because the VVD has different views on this than the other three coalition parties. But during the consultations, Prime Minister Rutte’s party started to move and now there is a compromise.

In addition to the subsidy scheme for the purchase of electric cars, there are many more plans in the climate package that is now on the table. Together, these add up to an additional CO2 reduction of 22 megatons. The cabinet is aiming for a 60 percent reduction in 2030, but thinks it will definitely achieve 55 percent.

Before the start of the Council of Ministers, Minister Jetten said that there is an “ambitious, fair and feasible” package.

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