6 Nintendo Switch games we’re looking forward to this year

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6 Nintendo Switch games we're looking forward to this year

While we hear a lot of rumors about a second Nintendo Switch, we would like to take a moment to look at the current Switch. In any case, the second one won’t arrive until 2025, so that gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the games we’re looking forward to on Nintendo Switch this year: there are quite a few. We mention 5.

1. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

It’s a great game, we already know that, but now the game is getting a remake that will be a lot more than just a visual upgrade. The nice thing about Paper Mario is that it is more RPG and has a very different look than other Mario games. Especially how the game plays with paper in all kinds of ways is very cool.

2. Hollow Knight: Silksong

The indie darling Hollow Knight finally gets its long-awaited successor. Silksong has been teased since 2019, with a trailer due in 2022, but the game isn’t making any progress. Normally that would set off alarm bells, but this is an indie game, so it’s only right if the creators of this metroidvania take a little more time. Moreover, we know that the first game was a gem, so we would like to wait a little longer for the second from Team Cherry. As long as it finally comes out this year.

3. Zau

Also a more special game in the list, because remakes and successors are of course safe choices. Zau is not. This game is completely called Tales of Kenzera: Zau and, just like Hollow Knight, it is a metroidvania. However, Bantu folklore is added to this. In this game you are a kind of spiritual shaman who goes through all kinds of fantasy worlds and speaks with spirits of his ancestors to hopefully eventually find what he is looking for: Baba. We don’t have to wait long for this somewhat mysterious game from EA to appear: the release is scheduled for April 23.

4. Biomutant

Sound familiar, Biomutant? That could be right. This game was created at Amazon, back when the company still thought it could have a major impact in the gaming industry. Ultimately, just about all projects have been shelved and gaming success for the giant company seems very far away. Biomutant is an action RPG with kung fu influences. After a natural disaster, the human race is wiped out, so animals have to take care of things. In this game you are a kind of fox-like mouse animal that has to save the Tree of Life by fighting life-size Worldeaters. This game will be released on May 14 and it is nice to see that the game is appearing more widely after it had a rather bumpy development path within Amazon.

5. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania

We can spend all kinds of intelligent words and musings on this, but you shouldn’t want that with a game like Super Monkey Ball. Monkeys ready, balls ready and just go. It’s wonderful to be able to throw ourselves into a mindless party game like Super Monkey Ball again and let our eyes sting from all those hysterical colors on the screen. Fancy! This game will be released on June 25, which you can play online with 16 people at the same time (or locally with 4).

6. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is also a remake, but one based on such a cool game that we’re probably hooked again. Or spooked… It is a remake of the 2013 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and you take on the role of Luigi, Mario’s scared brother. He has to fight all kinds of ghosts with his vacuum cleaner-like Poltergust 5000, but also solve puzzles and complete missions. Ghostbusters, but then themselves. This game will be released on Nintendo Switch on June 27.

Nintendo Switch games in 2024

Like us, can’t you wait for those games? You can now also play a cool Nintendo game, namely Princess Peach: Showtime. Peach once again has the leading role in this and she carries it wonderfully. It’s the side-scrolling platforming we love in Mario games, and she can switch outfits that all do something different. Mermaid, figure skater and… cowgirl. We at DutchCowboys can only be fans of that.

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