5 tricks for the best photography with the Samsung Galaxy S23

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With its Galaxy S23 series, Samsung has delivered another flagship that is better than previous Samsung phones. Especially in the field of photography, Samsung Galaxy S23 takes a different (read: better) approach. Here are five tricks to take the best photos with Samsung Galaxy S23.

1. Taking food photos that make your mouth water

Did you even eat, if you didn’t post it on Insta? While certainly not all dishes are equally pleasant to look at (chilli con carne, anyone?), if you get the right angles, and using food mode you can shoot very attractive shots that are completely cookbook worthy. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a special mode for taking photos of food that you can switch on yourself. The focus is mainly on a detail and this way your eye is drawn to a tasty part of the photo.

2. Taking pictures of the moon as if it were not 384,000 million kilometers away

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has a number of advantages over other phones when it comes to taking photos. This one is somewhat controversial. According to Samsung it is not, but according to many others it is: when you zoom in on the moon and take a photo, you get an image with the moon full of details. You can see the craters and the shadows.

3. Take big pictures full of detail

Imagine, you are taking a beautiful boat trip in sun-drenched Albufeira. If you want to take a picture of something on the mainland, you can take a picture with the 200 megapixel camera. With a camera that takes photos with so much sharpness, you can then zoom in on all kinds of events in the photo afterwards. Think of something funny that happens on the beach or a tourist attraction that is now being filmed in an original way. Please note that you disable this mode (found in the normal photo screen at the ratio) if it is not really necessary: ​​otherwise you will have all photo files of more than 20 Mb that will fill up your phone and take more effort to send.

4. Take evening photos that are correct

One of the things Samsung puts a lot of effort into is nightography. That is not an existing word, Samsung invented that. It is about being able to take beautiful pictures in the evening, in places where the light does not exactly cooperate or, for example, is uneven in terms of light distribution. No more crazy white flairs in your photos, but everything much more in harmony. You can take a sharp photo in the night without noise in no time thanks to the nightography .

5. Wow: Take a picture of the starry night

Google introduced astrophotography in 2019 and many smartphone makers want to reap the benefits. That is also possible, because Samsung offers the option to take a beautiful picture of the starry sky. You have to shoot in Raw format for this, which you can turn on in the photography settings. For example, the small white dots that are stars come across a lot better than in a normal photo. It is not a telescope, but Samsung Galaxy S23 does its best to support you as much as possible for the most beautiful smartphone photos.

View the full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 camera here.

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