​5 trends for roll-up banners

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​5 trends for roll-up banners

If you have a trade fair or event, it is very useful to take a roll-up banner with you. They are super handy to take with you and you can easily put them down to show: this is my stand. But above all: to grab people’s eyes. Especially if you stick to these trends, you will get more out of it rollup banner.

Choose striking colours

As mentioned, you want to attract the attention of your audience. You don’t do this with matte colors, but with striking colors. It doesn’t have to be a circus, it doesn’t have to be neon: even pastel colors can stand out in a positive way if you use them well. Keep in mind that your company must remain recognizable: KLM cannot suddenly start working with only pastel pink. But you can look for colors or another photo; s that stand out in terms of colors.

Go for a light background

What helps is not to permeate everything with colors, but to choose a quieter background: this way the colors really pop and your banner stands out. Ultimately, that is exactly why you chose such a banner. A calm background is, for example, an even, less bright color, or a photo in the background that has been partly washed out.

Keep the message simple

The idea is that people walk past your banner and that means they don’t always have a lot of time. You want to convey your message. So if you want to say that your company has good quality, but can also deliver quickly and that it also has a very inclusive workforce, then that might be a bit much. Then choose one message: you will tell the rest once someone has stopped and wants to go in your direction.

Choose two banners

The best thing is to use two banners instead of one, so that both people coming from the left and from the right can see who you are. It may be an investment, but it will instantly make you much more visible. It is also a bit better balanced: a banner on each side of your stand. Or if there are two events: each colleague can bring a banner.

Make it future-proof

If you know that your logo may change, or you are working on a different strategy, which may change the message, then it is not smart to opt for a banner now. Then wait a while, or opt for a cheaper option. Once you’re ready, you can still create a banner that fits and lasts longer.

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