​5 tips so that you don’t have to return anything when shopping online

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​5 tips so that you don't have to return anything when shopping online

Online stores are busy with all those returns. At some stores, returned garments seem to simply go into the shredder. But even without them being shredded, all those returns are not exactly sustainable. This way you ensure that as a shopper you have to return as few returns as possible. This also saves you money, because online stores are increasingly choosing to charge a fee for returning items.

Do not buy multiple sizes

Of course, it seems very sustainable to immediately buy several sizes to try on, because if it doesn’t fit you, you don’t have to start a return and have a new package delivered. But is that really so sustainable? By ordering multiple sizes – or even colors – you know in advance that you will have to return it, so that is ultimately not a very sustainable idea at all.

Check more than your size

When buying clothes, people are inclined to simply click on their size. Now that is indeed fast, but what about the dimensions? More specific information about the dimensions of a product (or of the online store in general) can often be found, so you can quickly find a product that really suits you. It takes a little more effort, but it will save you the hassle of returning it later. Plus, a lot of disappointment because that beautiful piece of clothing turns out not to fit you.

Think about it some more

Once we are searching through all the items in a webshop, we are sometimes driven crazy with useful deals. Don’t always fall for that. It is often wise to fill your basket, take a screenshot, close everything and see if you still need it the next day. It sounds a bit lame, but the best way to avoid returns is to not buy it at all or even have it shipped to your house. Many online purchases are made impulsively and that is why it is better to sleep on it.

Check the specs at other stores

For example, sometimes Bol.com states that a bag is 24 liters, but then it turns out to actually only be 20 liters. That’s the downside to shopping on a platform that allows the information to be entered by third parties. Very inconvenient, especially when it comes to more complicated devices that you have first unpacked and installed completely. If you have found a product that you want to buy, check with other stores to see whether they also offer the product and what the specifications are. The great thing is that you can immediately check in your ‘research’ whether you can’t get the same product cheaper elsewhere.

Read the reviews from other customers

China’s Shein isn’t exactly a shining example of how to be sustainable, but their review section actually is. You know how terribly photoshopped the clothes on the models are: in the review section you can see how it looks on people like yourself, because that’s where real customers can leave their photos of the product. This way you can see better what to expect and read what other people thought of the product: perhaps it is indeed just too good to be true.

Ultimately, returns can never be completely prevented, but you should not leave it up to the webshop alone to ensure that the number of returns is as small as possible. You definitely have a role to play in this, which you can play with the above tips. Shopze!

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