5 tips especially for women who want to buy a smartwatch

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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Pro apps

Reading messages, tracking runs or checking your sleep rhythm: using a smart watch is basically the same for men and women. However, there are issues that ladies are more likely to have to deal with. Are you looking for a women’s smartwatch? Then pay close attention to this.

  1. Pay attention to the size of your watch

The problem we encounter with many smartwatches is that the clock itself is often quite large. That is not only a significant protrusion on your wrist, but in many cases it also falls over the often thinner women’s wrist. That’s not comfortable. You often cannot tighten the watch properly without leaving free space above and below the clock.

The risk is that you will get caught on things or scrape against a door frame or wall, resulting in scratches. Therefore, it is best to choose a brand that offers different clock sizes. This way you not only see a clock when you look at your wrist, but also a part of the strap.

Suitable smartwatch: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 emerged in our tests as one of the best smartwatches. Now this is mainly on a technical level, but this smart watch from Samsung has more advantages. It comes in different sizes.

  1. See if there are many straps to choose from

If you plan to wear your smartwatch all day, you probably have different needs than if it is just a sports watch. Firstly, you benefit from a beautiful design, such as a sleek, flat clock. One that fits perfectly on your skin and is also beautiful to look at. At NL News we love watches with a beautiful gold edge 🙂

However, if you have just ordered a women’s smartwatch with a pink strap, you will always see that you are wearing something red the day the device falls on the mat. So also check the possibility of purchasing other straps and what the price is.

Suitable smartwatch: Fitbit Sense has a large collection of bands to choose from via the Google Store or other websites. (Note: some sites also sell unofficial Fitbit bands.) Whether you want a fabric band or a band that makes the watch more of a piece of jewelry.

  1. Check out how you can track your cycle with it

There is a function on many smartwatches that men really don’t use and that is the one that allows you to track your cycle. It is useful to know when your period started and ended. This way you can predict when it will be your turn again. Moreover, with this information you can also make another important prediction, namely when you are most fertile.

If you suffer a lot from mental or physical complaints, there are smartwatches in which you can keep track of even that very precisely. This way you can take it into account better and better. For example, take paracetamol with you on those days or do not schedule any appointments on that day.

Suitable smartwatch: Our favorite is the Apple Watch (note: an iPhone is required). It really is your smartphone on your wrist with useful extras. This smartwatch indicates when you can expect your period. You can enter how heavy the menstruation is and how severe the cramps are. In addition, Apple’s smart watch helps you remember to complete your cycle as accurately as possible via notifications.

  1. Pay attention to whether the shape of the smartwatch suits you

Do you like to use your women’s smartwatch to track your sports performance or do you see it more as an extension of your smartphone? In the first case, it is advisable to look for a smartwatch that can withstand a blow. The challenge you have is that these watches can quickly look a bit chunky.

This is not only a disadvantage because you are more likely to get caught on something with such a protruding object, but it also makes the watch with its robust appearance less suitable for wearing during non-sports hours. In your search for a sporty smartwatch for women, look for a variant that is not full of bumps and bumps and that can at the same time take a beating.

Suitable smartwatch: People who like to run or do other sports are probably best off with the Garmin Forerunner. The screen is less attractive than other smartwatches, but this means that the device can take a beating. Even during a Mud Masters or Strong Viking! It is waterproof and can handle the same water pressure as when you dive 50 meters deep. And don’t forget the heart rate monitor that Garmin recently announced especially for women.

  1. Investigate what options your women’s smartwatch has for taking heart and oxygen measurements

The CBS absenteeism figures are clear: women are sick more often than men. An extra reason to keep a close eye on your health. With a good heart rate monitor and even the ability to make heart recordings, you can often predict that you probably have something going on. A smartwatch will not prevent you from getting sick, but you can eat extra vitamins to ensure that your body can fight the disease faster and better. You can sometimes recognize a disease even before symptoms appear by a slightly elevated resting heart rate.

Many women’s smartwatches also allow you to use an oxygen meter, which checks how much oxygen you have in your blood. If your oxygen value is on the low side, you may feel a bit drowsy or short of breath, or restless and confused. After all, less oxygen is pumped around and your body needs it to function. Such a low oxygen value can indicate illness, but it can also mean that you simply need to exercise more, smoke less and think about relaxation. With almost all these facets, a smartwatch can help you stay motivated.

Suitable smartwatch: Not all Apple Watches are equipped with this, but Apple Watch Series 6 and higher even offer the option to take an ECG. You can also measure the oxygen in your blood, so that with this smartwatch you can clearly see how a vital part of your health is doing.

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