5 things we actually want from the Honor V Purse

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Honor V Purse

“Maybe it’s sexist for me to come up with this, but this is really NL News stuff, right?” a fellow tech journalist told LauraJenny at IFA. Not sexist at all, of course handbags are mainly grafted on women: super cool that he pointed this out to us so quickly. It is a smart bag, the Honor V Purse. In a video you can see how a model holds the bag and looks semi-unhappy at the camera (because that’s how it should be these days). Just peek at the stock market and take a closer look at that thing. However, Honor V Purse is not quite what we hoped it would be.

Honor V Purse is really just a smartphone with a rather exaggerated handle attached to it. The handle is a bit irreverent: it is a nice loop of fabric, which gives you that bag idea. But other than that, it’s really just a smartphone. We had hoped for a little more of that. This is the smart bag that we are waiting for.

  1. One that gives your stuff to you when you ask for it

Everyone knows that: walking around with an oversized bag that is now hip, but wanting to find your lipstick and then have to grab 7 minutes first, as if you are Hermione from Harry Potter. What we want most, and then we dream big, is a smart bag that you can ask to indicate that lipstick or tube of Labello, or tell you where to look in the bag. That’s a smart bag.

  1. One that has lighting on the inside

You’ve had a nice evening, it’s getting way too late, but you’re almost home. You have to pee, you’re standing in front of the door, wobbling and all, realizing you’re almost there, but then: WHERE’S MY KEY?! In a race against time as if you’re at the end of Mission Impossible you scramble for your key, but it’s impossible to find that thing in the dark. Phone just to shine? In the meantime, you’ve probably already wet your pants while being 2 meters from your toilet as the crow flies. No longer with the smart bag we have in mind: it just has a light that turns on when you open it. Saves you some mopping work.

  1. An extra pocket for your house key

Okay okay, the above two things may have been a bit much to ask, but why didn’t Honor choose to put a little pocket on it with its V Purse? Of course, the tech company assumes that you can do EVERYTHING on your phone and to a certain extent that is also possible, but many people firstly still have a physical key, and secondly need a place to put the earplugs and / or coins at a festival or party. to preserve. The smartphone can do a lot, but not everything, right?

  1. Softness

Very nice, that ‘clutch’ idea, but we really want a bag that is a bit soft, right? Now that is difficult to achieve since the phone can display nice necklaces and so on with its outer screens, making it a real chameleon that goes with all your clothes, but you would prefer a bag to be a bit softer, so that you accidentally put it swing against a door frame without fear of smashing it to smithereens.

  1. Something that won’t get the bottom dirty

You can put a bag anywhere, but you can’t do that so quickly with a phone. Something will have to be found to offer a good option to put your ‘bag’ down, without immediately folding down the device or it getting damaged or dirty. Now you won’t put a clutch on the ground very quickly, but if you do, it won’t be such a huge disaster.

So many wishes, but luckily Honor’s new star on the horizon is still just a concept. So there is still enough room to implement our wishes. 😉

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