​5 things that can still innovate on vacuum cleaners

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​5 things that can still innovate on vacuum cleaners

Do you use a stick vacuum cleaner, a robot vacuum cleaner or an old-fashioned one with a wire? There are a number of things that can be improved about vacuum cleaners and each type has something that should make vacuuming an even better experience. Or well, even better: nice at all, because vacuuming is often accompanied by some hassle.

Thread savior

For anyone who uses a corded vacuum cleaner, it would be great if it didn’t fly out of the socket so quickly. It would be great if a way was devised so that this doesn’t happen so easily. Now it must of course also remain safe: it is not without reason that when you pull hard the wire comes out of the socket, but sometimes that is so fast that you can hardly pull through the house normally with your old-fashioned vacuum cleaner.

Surface detection

It is already there, but it would be nice if it were applied a little more widely: every type of vacuum cleaner would benefit from surface detection. Then you don’t have to keep switching from the carpet to the hard floor yourself. Moreover, it could be made even more specific, so that, for example, if he sees that there are a lot of animal hairs, he gives a little more force or recommends a certain brush. We can click on that brush ourselves for the time being, but a little advice and help would be nice.

Climbing stairs

You don’t really have this problem with a stick vacuum cleaner, but you do with an old-fashioned one, and also with a robot. Climbing stairs is a problem. Robot vacuum cleaners can’t do it at all, while with a wired old-fashioned vacuum cleaner you have the hassle of having to hold the vacuum cleaner and the trunk, and the socket may only just manage with your wire… It’s not ideal. It would be nice if vacuum cleaners could climb stairs themselves and therefore follow suit themselves.

Dust diagnosis

We do have dust meters in the house and Dyson has also developed a vacuum cleaner that sees and analyzes fine dust, but a vacuum cleaner that really lets you know: you have a huge amount of dust mites, or you have to be careful because the dust contains a large amount of a certain substance, that’s not really there yet. Our homes would be a lot more hygienic if we had more insight. Maybe even some kind of vacuuming advice, like: hey, I see that the dust builds up too quickly after using it twice a week: vacuum more often. Vacuum cleaners could really be smarter.

Less noise

Pets don’t like it, children don’t like it, and therefore parents and owners don’t like it either: they make so much noise. There are some quieter variants, but it always makes a certain amount of noise, so that housemates can no longer hear the television, you cannot hear the bell and animals have to run away in fright. A little more silence in more different types of vacuum cleaners would be very desirable.

Some of these innovations are already there, or to a smaller extent, but as far as we are concerned, vacuum cleaner manufacturers can really do a little more to make the vacuum cleaner a really good house companion, which goes deeper than just parading around your house like a robot. Should be possible with current technological developments and smart companies such as iRobot and Dyson, which are also very rich.

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