5 cool things ChatGPT can do since GPT-4

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5 cool things ChatGPT can do since GPT-4

ChatGPT has recently been upgraded with GPT-4, the new version of the underlying language of the artificial intelligence. Very cool, but often we are used to updates that come with bug fixes and a lot of things behind the scenes. This does not apply to ChatGPT with GPT-4, because it can do much more than you think, and much more than ChatGPT with GPT-3 in particular.

It’s not very common for ChatGPT to get major updates: GPT-4 has been over a year. Now it has arrived and people are very happy with it. Logical, because it can be done a lot more. Here are five cool things ChatGPT can do right now.

Build websites

The OpenAI demo already showed it: a drawing can just be turned into a functional website by ChatGPT. It only takes the system a few minutes and you just have a website that works. It is of course based on a drawing, but we are also working on a way for ChatGPT to draw a conclusion from multiple images. For example, it can explain a joke based on a few images put together. If he can also build an even more functional site from a few images together, great.

Computer programming

If you can program, you probably prefer to take matters into your own hands. However, if you can’t do any of it, or just the basics, GPT-4 can help you code. For example, ChatGPT has already recreated the entire game of Pong, working and all. At least, it assisted by taking people step-by-step through the development process so that they could recreate Pong themselves. Original games are also made that way.


Remember that court case that was supposed to take place with AI as a lawyer? That party ultimately did not take place, but the company behind it, DoNotPay, has other plans with it. This is how it works to create “one-click lawsuits.” The idea is that when taking a call about a lawsuit, the bot already transcribes the entire conversation. That way, the whole story is already on paper and you have a kind of ready-made document for the court. According to DoNotPay, GPT-3 was unable to do that, but GPT-4 was.

Understanding images

We just hinted at the website building section: ChatGPT can read and understand images. For example, he can describe what can be seen on an image, which can be very valuable for people with a visual impairment, for example. He can also take it one step further. Send a picture of the contents of your fridge and he will come up with a recipe with it. That saves you another trip to the supermarket. Unless you only have cans of Red Bull in your fridge of course.

Just being ultra smart

ChatGPT has of course ‘just’ become a lot smarter. For example, they presented GPT-4 with the American CITO test. Where GPT-3.5 still scored a bad 1, GPT-4 just scored a big pass. In fact. It has passed the major exam that lawyers in America have to pass before they can practice their profession. Wow. It even got a 9 for it. Of course, this doesn’t mean the AI ​​won’t make mistakes anymore, but it’s obvious that it’s also very, very good at a number of things.

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