4 dietitians in the news

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In recent weeks, no less than 4 dietitians have appeared in the media: Desiré van der Kruk was interviewed about IBS by Margriet, Katja Passchier answered a reader’s question in NRC about plant-based food for children, Inneke Meeusen told Goed Feeling about Binge Eating Disorder and Jacqueline den Otter spoke to Omroep Flevoland about malnutrition in the hospital.

Desire van der Kruk in Margriet

Desiré van der Kruk is a dietician and owner of uwfoodplan.nl. Margriet interviewed her about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a chronic intestinal disorder that affects an estimated 10 percent of the Dutch population. Desiré advises people with a irritable bowel first look at the basics, in other words: does someone eat healthy and is there enough exercise? She told Margriet how you can reduce intestinal complaints with food. She also explained the low-FODMAP diet and the possible effects of peppermint oil capsules, fiber supplements, probiotics and herbal remedies.

read here the whole article with Desiré in Margriet.

Katja Passchier in NRC

NRC interviewed dietitian Katja Passchier-Blok for the parenting section of the NRC. As a pediatric dietitian, Katja is involved in the Pediatric Rehabilitation treatment team at Basalt, an expertise center for rehabilitation care in Leiden. In the section ”Educated” the question was central: ‘Is it healthy to give your child only plant-based food?’ In her answer, Katja explained which substances should be in a diet for the proper growth and development of babies and children, and what the possibilities are for replacing animal products with vegetable products. In addition, she advised to visit a dietitian during pregnancy in combination with a plant-based diet, to have it examined whether the expectant mother and baby are getting enough nutrients.

read here the whole article with Katja in NRC.

Inneke Meeusen in Good Feeling

‘When you say the word eating disorder, everyone sees the stereotypical image of an emaciated person with anorexia. That irritates me immensely, because that is actually only 1 form and a small part of all people who suffer from an eating disorder. In the majority of patients, it is not or hardly visible’, Inneke Meeusen told the magazine Good Feeling. ‘Especially people with binge eating disorder (BED) know how to hide this very well.’ Inneke works as an independent dietician in Antwerp and specializes in the guidance of people with eating disorders. In her practice, she has noticed that more people have been struggling with binge eating since corona. According to her, this is mainly because it is now so much easier to order food (anonymously). In order to create more awareness about BED, Inneke discusses red flags in the interview that may indicate a binge eating disorder.

read here the complete interview with Inneke in Good Feeling.

Jacqueline den Otter at Omroep Flevoland

Jacqueline den Otter works as a clinical dietician at MC Slotervaart in Amsterdam. Omroep Flevoland interviewed her about malnutrition in the hospital. On average, 15 percent of patients admitted to Dutch hospitals are malnourished upon arrival. Jacqueline told Omroep Flevoland about the consequences malnutrition can have for health and for treatment. Malnutrition is particularly common among elderly people living independently. This could be prevented more by better signalling, including by the GP. A good nutritional status is important in preparation for surgery, Jacqueline emphasized in the interview. For a planned operation, patients are therefore advised to pay close attention to their diet and to exercise sufficiently at least 6 weeks before the operation.

You can watch the interview with Jacqueline here.

More dietitians in the media!

News for dieticians hopes that more dieticians will be in the media to tell about our beautiful profession. Let us know if you’ve made the news! We are happy to pay attention to it in our newsletter. Mail to info@nieuwsvoordietisten.nl.

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