3-Body Problem, new series on Netflix from the makers of GoT

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3-Body Problem, new series on Netflix from the makers of GoT

The countdown is on to March 21, the official release date of the new potential success series 3 Body Problem. The series is based on the novel by Liu Cixin and is the first part of the trilogy written by him. The series is already in the spotlight everywhere. Especially because of the creators, David Benioff and DB Weiss. Names that appeal to the imagination because of their previous mega-project, Game of Thrones.

The big question is whether the gentlemen will be able to make it a spectacle again in a completely new setting. Pretty much all records were broken with Game of Thrones. The roughness of the series also caused many viewers to drop out after just a few episodes. There was no compromise with GoT, violence, sex and deceit was part of the story. We will see soon enough whether that compromise is there with the new series 3 Body Problem.

The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem (official title), forms the first part of a trilogy that explores life and death on a planetary scale and even spans centuries and eras. It raises and attempts to answer Big Questions, perhaps the most important of which is: Is it possible for civilizations to coexist peacefully in this immense universe?

There is also a scientific explanation of the Three Body Problem: The ‘three body problem’ comes from physics. The goal is to find how three things move when they attract each other with gravity. For example, it would be the problem of the movement of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. Physicists don’t have a general solution that always works.

The story of 3 Body Problem on Netflix

The music video focuses mainly on the mystery. In short, quite a few scientists have disappeared, and Benedict Wong’s character is trying to figure out what this means.

The story begins in 1960s China, when a young woman has made a “fateful decision” to travel through space and time to the present. When the laws of nature unravel inexplicably, a tight-knit group of brilliant scientists must unite with a fearless detective to stop humanity’s greatest threat.

Cast 3 Body Problem

The series has a strong cast with quite a bit of Game of Thrones DNA. It stars Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange), Jovan Adepo, John Bradley (Game of Thrones), Rosalind Chao, Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones).)Eiza González, Jess Hong, Marlo Kelly, Alex Sharp, Sea Shimooka, Zine Tseng, Saamer Usmani and Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones).

The new trailer was already unveiled during CES 2024 in Vegas, especially considering the futuristic VR technology of 3 Body Problem. The series starts on March 21, so the countdown is on.

Three Body Made in China

It is also striking that there is also a Three Body (without Problem) that was made in China and can be seen on the Chinese streamer Tencent. While Netflix’s 3 Body Problem has only filmed the first book so far, the Chinese film adaptation offers the complete trilogy in thirty episodes.


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